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101 Quick Tips For High-Talent Companies

This course is based on the book “101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies” written by Stephie Althouse, Ph.D., and June Davidson, Ph.D.

Discover the “Convert Your Brilliance Into Wealth” system. The course has 12 short but powerful lessons, each covering one chapter of the book.

You get to download the electronic version of the book. Then, in each lesson, you can listen to the audio recording of that chapter. You also get extra materials that go with the tips presented in this lesson.

Whether you are a founder, partner, manager, or run your own business, implementing these easily digestible tips will impact your bottom line.


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Dr Stephie Althouse Dr Stephie Althouse Author

Founder and CEO of Top-Notch CEO and our academy, Top-Notch CEO Academy. Creator of the Brilliance Extraction™ method. I'm a "recovering" Ph.D. chemist by training. I found out that schools teach us expertise but they leave it up to us to figure out how to use it in the entrepreneurial/ business space. Reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" was a rude awaking for me. Since then I have learned a lot about business and how to create your own version of success - and it is one of my greatest joy to help others get there! I have grown and turned around businesses and guided countless entrepreneurs and leaders to success. I am married to my husband Adam and we have a son (almost 13) and two Italian greyhounds. I love the outdoors, working with my hands (e.g., woodworking), reading, learning, traveling, hanging out with great friends, and just enjoying life!

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