Amplify Your Intellectual Capital

Work with us to create your own courses or company university:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Training your team
  • Reducing brain drain
  • Improving processes
  • Accelerating growth/scaling-up
  • Increasing business value
  • Educating prospects
  • Supporting customers
  • Selling your expertise online
  • Making intangible expertise tangible and available
Brilliance Extraction

Extract Your Brilliance

Your brilliance is all the knowledge that you carry in your head. Chances are without it your company would have a hard time operating. That's flattering but also limiting.  Do more of what you love and are great at, and less of what has become a boring routine.

Make Your Expertise Digital

Are you used to meeting people in person as your primary way to conduct business? Those who cannot share their expertise and offerings online are increasingly outcompeted by those who can. Work with us to develop courses for your customers, prospects, and team members.

Amplify Your Leadership

Our academy offers business and leadership courses, workshops, and coaching for subject matter experts who are leaders.

As a "recovering Ph.D. chemist" our founder Dr. Stephie Althouse is familiar with the dilemma of being a subject matter expert and learning other skills when taking on business and leadership responsibilities. This is why she created these options for you to amplify your leadership and business skills:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY)
  • DIY with Top-Notch CEO Coach support
  • Group coaching circles with a proven curriculum
  • Advanced group coaching circles with Top-Notch CEO Success system
  • Custom workshops and coaching circles designed specifically for your organization
leadership training for geeks brings clarity and focus

KISS Business Planning

Plan your business success in just a few hours with our DIY course or with a pinch of our support. KISS means Keep It Smart & Simple!

Most CEOs and business owners feel writing a business plan is a waste of time and money. This one propels you forward to immediate actions and results.

Top-Notch CEO Circle

Bring the impact and rewards of being an expert to another level by learning to be a Top-Notch Leader (CEO, Owner, Executive).

Apply the proven curriculum to your business and life with the support of our top-notch advisors. 12 weeks 1h/week.

Accelerator Circle

Accelerate your business growth in a small guided group of CEOs, owners, and executives. We meet online 1h/week. Gain feedback, accountability, and strategic brainstorming. Use our Top-Notch CEO Success System to get to our goals so much faster.

Our Services

It's all about supporting you in amplifying your expertise. Gain more impact, more reward, and more joy.

  1. Train your experts in
    • The leadership of self and their teams
    • Business, marketing & sales, systems
  2. Make your expertise systematic, transferable and actionable
    • Grow and scale up your company
    • Create a greater impact
    • Make your company worth more
    • Delegate and have backups
    • Protect your intellectual capital from brain drain
    • Offer your expertise online
    • Train your team quickly, consistently, and at a lower cost
    • Teach your prospective clients/customers what they want to know so they buy from you
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Why Work With Us

We are pretty unique. Why?

Our founder, Dr. Stephie Althouse (“Dr. Stephie”) has 20+ years of experience in C-level leadership, a Ph.D. in science (chemistry), and a strong analytical mind. She brings a rare combination of business and technical expertise to her clients.

  • Moved a company from extensive losses to $1.5M profits in 6 months - 30% per year growth since then
  • Grew a global company by extracting complex expertise from the key innovator's head and organizing it into a course to train team members
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Our Philosophy

  1. We honor you, your expertise, experience, and talent.
  2. We are committed to supporting you wholeheartedly.
  3. We are profoundly curious about you and what you are up to with your endeavors.
  4. We will nudge when you need it and encourage you when you need that.
  5. Your goals, ideas, and visions are always first.
  6. We will not accept to work with anyone who we don't think we can help.
  7. We are open and honest.
  8. We like humor and are a little crazy about puns.
  9. We love life, making a difference, and having fun.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

The Brilliance Extraction system is unique. It taps into the organization’s innate wisdom and utilizes it in ways I have never seen before. It collects many years of experience and makes it usable and transferrable. Training and collaborative learning become so much more effective. The possibilities from that are stunning.

One of the things I love is that Stephie has the unusual ability to convert complex information into much simpler explanations and graphics that readily drive the point home to the student. 

- Grant Vergottini, CEO, Xcential Corporation

Dr. Stephie excels in pulling ideas out of my own head and making them systematic and actionable. This is an essential part of her process of developing the educational materials we have at my company.

She has developed an educational seminar and eBook that is attracting new clients to my business. She is doing that with fresh eyes and a strong eye towards being strategic, maximizing the impact of our education-based communication and marketing.

Stephie always goes the extra mile. She is smart and very well rounded in her skills. Importantly, she always listens to what my vision and goals are, and we work accordingly. I highly recommend her!

- Ted Przybylek, CEO, RanchoTed

I have found that once or twice in a decade if I'm lucky, I'll walk away from a discussion that has the potential to impact the way I live my life. Sometimes the potential is to impact the overall happiness of others or me; sometimes it is the potential to impact my career.

The word "profound" comes to mind following one of these rare discussions. I just had one of these discussions with Stephie. This one has the potential to impact both others' and my own overall happiness and career. Better yet, it is only 8:45 in the morning!

- Jon MacDonald, Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Fairfield Residential

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About Us

We are a Business Academy, primarily for CEOs, business owners, and executives who were subject matter experts first before becoming business leaders. We support you in amplifying the impact and rewards from your expertise. We come from sharing our own experiences, many of which are gained "hard knocks" style.

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