Leverage Your Brilliance and Make It Immortal

Case Studies of Company Courses

Examples of courses we have built (or are in the process of building currently) with clients

These courses are for training

  • Team members,
  • Customers, and/or
  • Prospective customers.
Introduction to LegisPro: Configuration & Customization
Get a Grip on the Value of Your Business
P5 Marketing - Recurring Tasks

Which course would benefit YOUR company?

You can build one strategic course or build an entire university for your company or organization.

There are many benefits

  1. Grow and scale up your company
  2. Create a greater impact from the work you do
  3. Make your company worth more
  4. Delegate and have backups
  5. Protect your intellectual capital from brain drain
  6. Offer your expertise online
  7. Train your team quickly, consistently, and at a lower cost
  8. Teach your prospective clients/customers what they want to know so they buy from you